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Richard L Thomas


Richard is a globe-trotting Chartered Accountant who has swapped his days of bungy-jumping in Greece and working for PwC, for life in the fast lane at é25!  Richard’s dream is to host an event which combines champagne, cars, and singing, so don’t be surprised if you get an invite to the first é25 Karaoke Evening at some stage – the rest of the team advise you to politely decline! Richard’s favourite car still remains the Ferrari 430 Spider, because nothing will ever lessen the joy of his first Ferrari experience driving along Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  Richard’s LinkedIn profile can be viewed at http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardlloydthomas

Paul Brown

Managing Director

As well as running the show Paul is also the most advanced of the advanced drivers! Chiefly he completes all road tests of the cars on a regular basis, especially at weekends, and has the best excuses for stone chips, kerbed alloys and worn tyres! Favourite car – SLS AMG because it is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

James Birch

Branch Manager

James spent 15 years running Grand Prix Racewear – a leading motorsport equipment retailer, before getting involved with écurie25. An absolute petrolhead and wannabe racing driver, James enjoys nothing more than joining a Road Rally or Members Track Day to keep the petrol running through his veins! Favourite Cars; Ferrari 458 Italia, and Audi R8 V10 Spyder.

Minette Collins


Minette runs the show.  She ensures that the rest of the Brisbane tean are making sure the member experience is first class.  With a long history of driving American muscle cars, Minette is now enjoying the Italian way of life!  Favourite car - Ferrari F430 because it's what her Little Red Corvette always wanted to be!

Jocelyn Futrille

General Manager

Jocelyn is all about the écurie25 parties and joined the company to run the calendar of exclusive e25 events held around the world. When we launched our NY clubhouse she could not resist the opportunity to head to the Big Apple and is loving every minute of it! Favorite car has to be the McLaren MP4-12C because it is the sexiest car in the collection...and her club was the first to get one - well done her!

Email - jocelyn@ecurie25.com

Justin Blackburn

Co Managing Director

Justin Blackburn grew up in Colorado. He fell in love with Ferraris when he saw Christy Brinkley drive the famous 308 past Chevy Chase in the hit movie Vacation and spent many years working on his own cars pulling every last available horsepower out of each of them. He co-founded Lone Star Exotics in Denver before moving the business to Austin in 2010. A licensed professional racing driver, Justin enjoys spending time at the track and driving anything he can get his hands on. He currently is saving his pennies for a McLaren F1, his most elusive dream car.

Nathan Turner

Chief Operating Officer

Nathan looks after the overall running of the Sydney club as well as supporting the development of ecurie25 in Australia.  He was one of the first members of ecurie25 in the UK joining in early 2006 and in the words of Victor Kiam, he liked the company so much he bought it!  Favourite car is currently the Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder. It's loud, it's fast and looks fantastic from every angle and always puts a smile on your face when you drive it.

Marc Smith

Club Director

Marc is – quite simply - the ultimate entrepreneur.  He’s won numerous awards and even taken a company he founded public on the NASDAQ exchange, but there’s never been a company that he has been so passionate about.  With a love of supercars, he finds himself living the dream!  Marc founded the Houston operation and oversees things in Texas while also serving as the President of écurie USA and forging the growth in the American market.  His favorite car is the Aventador, because he has secretly pretended to be Batman since childhood and it’s as close as you can get to the Batmobile!    

Karen Brown


Karen – the better half of the marriage to Paul, is the mini whirlwind who ensures all prospects are contacted, monies collected and keeps a tab on Paul’s new car expenditure! Favourite car – Ferrari F430 – The first car we bought!

Kyle Ehrmann

Sales Manager

Starting in the Car Club world at 19 years old with a Murcielago on a highway corner with a "rent me" sign, Kyle just joined the écurie25 team this season.  He enjoys track driving at the Monticello Motor Club, playing classical piano music, and tasting wines from all over the world.  His favorite car is the McLaren MP4-12C.  The hard acceleration and the "eye-out-of-socket" braking made him nauseous on his first trip around town with it, but we don't give him too hard of a time about it.

Jacob White

Co Managing Director

Jacob White grew up in Austin before moving to Denver where he worked for Chrysler. Whilst there he rented a car from Lone Star Exotics and fell in love with the experience. Fast forward a couple of years and he and Justin became business partners in the venture. Jacob was instrumental in bringing the business to his hometown of Austin. A true Viper fanatic, Jacob is looking forward to the new 2013 SRT Viper and credits the original Viper with helping him fall in love with horsepower and cars that have it. Jacob is also a motorcycle fanatic and can be found politely guiding his R1 through the streets of Austin.

Kathleen Smalley

Member Relations

Kathleen loves our members and they know it!  She handles parts of literally everything in the club, and having been a faithful and loyal supporter at Marc’s side for many years, she serves as Chief Mind Reader as well.  Always eager to step up and handle anything from member’s reservations to booking a party or fashion show in Houston’s beautiful venue, Kathleen can do it all! Her favorite car is the Bentley GT because there is nothing more luxurious and it makes her feel like she’s worth it!

Juliette Samuels

Membership Manager

Juliette looks after all our members every whim and fancy (within reason) and brings a calm to everyday proceedings, except at parties when she “moves like Jagger”! – Favourite car – Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder – when asked why she said it is “because I look good in it”.

David Hardman


David is our resident 'STIG'! He provides the driver training for new members and more advanced driving courses for those that want to get the most out of their time behind the wheel of our fleet.  He also helps with member engagement and handover and collection in the Gold Coast.  Having been in and around motor sport for many years, who and what David doesn;t know, isn't worth knowing!  Favourite car - he's the Team Director for the Lamborghini Race team in Asia...need we say more....

Ashley Priddy

Marketing Manager

We found Ashley working at a local design studio and were excited for her to join the NY Team with her wide-variety of experience including marketing, event planning, photography, branding and graphic design.  And don't forget her love for cars - having driven Astons, Lambos, Ferraris, Bentleys and more before ever taking a seat in an é25 car, we knew she would be perfect for the job! Her favorite car is their 458 Italia but she can't wait to get the opportunity to drive the new F12 Berlinetta. 

Email - ashley@ecurie25.com

Matt Roth

Operations Manager

Don't let his youth fool you! He’s faster on the track than most and can drive anything with wheels; Matt is the wheelman in Houston. From cars to members he is the source for information and handles everything related to the cars from sourcing and testing, to ensuring members know everything about operating each one.   Matt keeps Houston running on full octane, and his favorite part of écurie25 is accompanying members on trips to Global Events around the world (mysteriously got written into his job description.  Hmmm??).  Matt’s favorite is the Mercedes SLS AMG because of the nuclear weapon under the hood and the car’s wild side!

Ben Tatham

Sales and Agency Manager

Ben is responsible for generating new business and managing the relationship with the Managers at our agency locations in Silverstone and Belfast. Ben is best known for his ability to damage front wings of Aston Martins and kerb Maserati Wheels. Favourite Car – F458 – because it is the only car he has not damaged (yet).

Nassar Khan

Fleet Controller

Nassar ensures our stunning collection is kept in pristine condition and perfect working order, he also arranges all deliveries & collections, servicing and damage control – Nassar has never damaged a car himself (he usually finds someone else to blame it on). Favourite Car – Audi R8 – it never breaks down and has lovely paint that is easy to clean.

Intakab Shah

Delivery Driver

Intakab is his real name. Not only is he our star delivery driver, he also helps keep the collection spic and span. Has the patience of a saint and knows the cars inside out. Favourite car – Audi S8 – Comfort, Speed and understated