écurie25 Supercar Club

New York

Jocelyn Futrille

General Manager

Jocelyn is all about the écurie25 parties and joined the company to run the calendar of exclusive e25 events held around the world. When we launched our NY clubhouse she could not resist the opportunity to head to the Big Apple and is loving every minute of it! Favorite car has to be the McLaren MP4-12C because it is the sexiest car in the collection...and her club was the first to get one - well done her!

Email - jocelyn@ecurie25.com

Kyle Ehrmann

Sales Manager

Starting in the Car Club world at 19 years old with a Murcielago on a highway corner with a "rent me" sign, Kyle just joined the écurie25 team this season.  He enjoys track driving at the Monticello Motor Club, playing classical piano music, and tasting wines from all over the world.  His favorite car is the McLaren MP4-12C.  The hard acceleration and the "eye-out-of-socket" braking made him nauseous on his first trip around town with it, but we don't give him too hard of a time about it.

Ashley Priddy

Marketing Manager

We found Ashley working at a local design studio and were excited for her to join the NY Team with her wide-variety of experience including marketing, event planning, photography, branding and graphic design.  And don't forget her love for cars - having driven Astons, Lambos, Ferraris, Bentleys and more before ever taking a seat in an é25 car, we knew she would be perfect for the job! Her favorite car is their 458 Italia but she can't wait to get the opportunity to drive the new F12 Berlinetta. 

Email - ashley@ecurie25.com