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  • I have been absolutely delighted by my ecurie25 experience -- both the running of the club, and of course, driving the vehicles themselves. I can think of no areas to suggest for improvement, as I found every aspect of my membership operated smoothly. As soon as my finances allow, I'd love to rejoin.

    David Magliano

  • I must say that I am extremely impressed with the ease of picking up and dropping off cars and always with a smile – a great service that you should be proud of – a real pleasure to do business with you all – Thanks

    Mike Greene

  • It has been a very enjoyable experience signing up with ecurie25, especially as I was planning it all from Australia! Dan was very helpful, and I would recommend your company to others considering trialing exotic sports cars without the full cost of ownership.

    Alan Peacock

  • Many thanks to you all for providing a significant element of a truly memorable weekend, we all really appreciated the Gallardo and I'm already looking forward to the next visit. This may be a couple of months away but the planning will be part of the pleasure.

    I also want to say how nice it was to deal with you guys - a great pleasure and I really think you have pitched things just right. I like your style!

    Richard Montague

  • I just want to thank you all for always looking after me, I'm a very happy customer. Thank you for arranging delivery of the F430 to Spain, and I’m sure I’ll have just as much fun with the Murcielago in Monaco!

    Moses Preddie

  • Many thanks to you and all the guys and gals for really helping me out. I really, really appreciate it. It was brilliant of you all to coordinate everything. We had a great day yesterday (considering the weather). The card was a fantastic touch and the Champagne was really not deserved…..but certainly helped the birthday celebrations! Have a great weekend.

    Sean Mangan

  • écurie25 understands that their customers want a hassle free, efficient service which is flexible and reasonably priced. They do exactly that! Keep up the good work, I would definitely recommend you...

    Daniel Shakhani

  • Even though my membership is now over (a very sad day) I would like to be kept informed of developments at ecurie in the knowledge that I will hopefully renew my membership at some point next year.

    In the meantime please pass on my thanks to the whole team for providing such a superb service for what was a fantastic year of driving for me. You’ve managed to get the best cars before any of the other clubs and whilst they are still exclusive to the road even in the city!

    Shane Taylor

  • I first met the ecurie guys in Paternoster Square last Christmas. After Dan gave me a quick explanation of the principle, I said it was a 'no-brainer'. My first year of membership is now up and I still think membership is a no-brainer! The marketing, people and cars are a perfect mix.

    Ian Calderwood

  • What an amazing year! Driving to Le Mans in a Porsche, the Cotswolds in an Aston, and the Peak District in a Ferrari. I've basically driven every car of my dreams in the last year. Worth every penny.

    James Scoggins

  • Having recently finished my membership of ecurie25 I have only one thing to say to anyone considering joining: "Do it; you won't regret it for a moment, it's worth every penny." It's been a marvellous experience to have access to so many cars I would never dream of owning and without having to worry about the issues associated with supercar ownership. Everyone at ecurie25 is helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic and they do their best to ensure members get the most from the cars. I'd highly recommend ecurie25 to anyone with an interest in four wheeled exotica.

    Richard Green

  • Guys.

    Thank you so much for the weekend in Monaco. I had never been to Monaco despite doing Shangahi, so it was great to find out how a F1 street race really runs.

    To not only see our Jenson top the podium, but to also be so close to the track you could almost reach out and touch the cars as they came up the Beau Rivage hill into Casino square is a memory that will stay with me for a very long time. Couple that with being able to see from Tabac to La Rascasse along with the giant screen over the bus stop to keep you all well informed it was just the best possible spot.

    Throw in excellent hospitality, and a dead easy journey in and out it just ended up being the perfect weekend.

    Justin Fielder

  • To be honest I didn't know what to expect heading out to Northern Ireland for a couple of days exploring the area. I was pleasantly surprised that within 5 minutes of landing I had a call from the é25 Belfast boys to tell me they were outside with the car.

    I found everyone at é25 Belfast to be as helpful and friendly as all the other é25 personnel I have met. Even with the fact that they were having a very busy weekend doing some PR at the NW200 Motorbike Racing, they still managed to be there to collect the car from the airport even though I was flying out on the Sunday.

    Great service with a smile, I look forward to making use of more of the planned é25 bases in the future

    Jayce Doughty

  • I was a P1 member for 2 years and enjoyed the experience tremendously. By the end though, I realized I mainly only wanted to drive the bigger, badder supercars (which tended to be a little trickier to get time in), and also wanted a London based club.

    Segrave which was started by ex P1 people was just starting and seemed like the perfect, if somewhat more expensive, solution. I had a fantastic 10 months as a Segrave member and was very disappointed and sad for them when they folded.

    I was a little sceptical of ecurie25 simply because I was wary of another P1 experience (i.e. lots of cars but only a few that appealed to me which would be hard to get time in), but signed up figuring 'what the hell' as the offer they made former Segrave members as a teaser, was a good one.

    I've been with ecurie25 only 2 months or so and have to say I have been impressed. Had no problem getting weekend time in an LP560 and DBS, and been impressed with the people and car selection. Lots more of the top end stuff that I prefer than I had thought. No hassles with anything at all. Genuinely very pleasantly surprised and impressed.

    Jonathan G

  • Thank you for my report, it felt very strange to get a report on my driving, I haven’t had one in years! It was a good day and John is a very nice guy and clearly knows what he is talking about. Picked up a few things I will now use on the road!

    Thanks a lot for everything so far, you run a very professional outfit, I’m very impressed!

    Ross Bygrave (Race Driver and Instructor)

  • Despite my initial skepticism of the Driver Development Day I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Porsche Cayman S this weekend. It opened my eyes to a great deal that I had never noticed or appreciated before and has certainly given me more confidence that I will get the most from my écurie25 experience.

    Rishi Bhuchar